New Article: Hard act to follow as Hugh returns Jackman to school!

Posted on 17 Sep 2012 by Admin
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If you're Hugh Jackman you visit your old high school and give the next generation of thespians a pre-HSC pep talk.The Wolverine's headliner, resplendent in full Marvel mutton-chops, made his way to his high school stomping ground at Knox Grammar over the weekend to help motivate the current batch of senior drama students who began their final exams yesterday.

It's understood the class of 2012 put on an impromptu performance for the Aussie superstar and we're told the action hero was "suitably impressed". "The feedback we received from Hugh was really positive," said a rep for the super-exclusive boys school. "He watched the performance, which the class composed themselves, and then offered them some advice in the lead-up to their exams."

Confidential hears Jackman, who was the Knox captain back in 1986, also took a wander through the John Williams Hall, the venue where he played the lead role of Henry Higgins in the 1985 Knox production of My Fair Lady. "He showed great interest in our current dance and drama programs and also the sports that we now have available," said Knox principal John Weeks.

"He also very generously donated his old Knox blazer to the school, which will be housed in our archives." And spies say Jackman was not alone in his trip down memory lane, with the actor's visit filmed on Saturday by a visiting US TV camera crew.

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Gallery Updates: More Rare Projects Images Addition Updates!

Posted on 15 Sep 2012 by Admin
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Hello everybody,

I have added few gorgeous stills & behind the scene images from many of Hugh movie projects such as "Kate & Leopold", "Australia" and the very soon to be released "Butter" next to Jennifer Garner!Hugh was just a true nature hero on the screen. I have added all the images into the gallery and you can find the rest there and below are the previews from the movie projects photo stills that I had managed to added!Enjoy the brand new additions and take care everybody!

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Gallery Updates: New GQ Magazine + Real Steel Photo Session Outtakes Added!

Posted on 11 Sep 2012 by Admin
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Hello everybody,

As promised earlier I had added the newly found photo shoots from GQ Mags & Real Steel Outtakes and Hugh was astoundingly superb in the photos. Much handsome and charming and you won't get enough of him through this great collection so head over to the gallery to view the rest & enjoy the exclusive preview below.

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New Article: New 'The Wolverine' set photos show off Hugh Jackman and more!

Posted on 08 Sep 2012 by Admin
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Movie fans in Scottsdale are waiting to see Hugh Jackman and his Wolverine back on the big screen, and now they are being given another glimpse at the action on set. On Monday, September 3, Collider shared new photos from the set for this film. Check out the new photos here, and check out the previously released photos for "The Wolverine" here. If you missed any of the previously released photos or spoilers for this actor and his work, go here.

These new photo show a very dressed up Hugh Jackman on the set, and it has been revealed what scene was being shot in these new photos by Comic Book Movie. The site reported the following about the action on the Japanese set:

"According to reports that I have translated, the scene being filmed at the Buddhist temple, was a funeral. A grand funeral no less. Today was the last day of filming at the temple, and the crew is expected to head to Hiroshima next."

It has not yet been revealed who the funeral was for. The photos also give fans their first glimpse at Yukio. This film and its pending release are generating buzz on social media. One fan said the following on Twitter recently:

On the set of #TheWolverine we finally see a glimpse of Mariko Yashida. One of Logan' s greatest love interests.

Scottsdale residents will be able to see this film at the Harkins Scottsdale Fashion Square 7 or at another local theater once it is released.

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Source: Examiner


Gallery Updates: Exclusive "The Boy From Oz" Production Images Coverage From 2006!

Posted on 01 Sep 2012 by Admin
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Hello everybody,

Today I am bringing you all a huge gallery updates concerning Hugh theater career "The Boy From Oz" which had become such a huge hits overseas and made Hugh a household name. I have added few photos from the magical entertainment show which earned Hugh an award at Tony Awards and also you can view photos from the advertisements, promotional banners, studio stills & event photos associated. Head over to the gallery to view the rest & below are the previews!Enjoy!

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New Article: Hugh Jackman Covers The Best Life Magazine Relaunch!

Posted on 31 Aug 2012 by Admin
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ALIVE AGAIN: Rodale is about to give the Heisman stiff arm to all those print magazine naysayers with the relaunch of Best Life, a publication that helps men “live the good life.” According to editor in chief Steve Perrine, this reader is at the top of his career, in peak physical health and his family life is under control. Despite the fact that this seems nearly impossible to achieve all at once, Perrine’s mission is to create a magazine that caters to these all-stars.

The first issue of Best Life has a brooding Hugh Jackman on the cover, standing beneath a new logo that Perrine described as being more subtle, modern and masculine. Inside the issue, Mehmet Oz talks about a near-death experience he had as a child that changed the course of his life. There is a piece on the successful man that hasn’t met the right woman but who wants to become a father. There is also plenty of style and fashion coverage.

Full Story: WWD


Gallery Updates: Exclusive Hugh Jackman New Candid + Photo Session Outtakes!

Posted on 25 Aug 2012 by Admin
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Hello everybody,

Sorry for the delay in updates, I was too preoccupied with our Hari Raya this whole week that most of our updates had been put on hold. I was so excited that finally I had been able to find time for updates and all. Here I had update our gallery with Hugh's latest photo session and the missing candid from year 2010. Hugh was simply stunning and gorgeous in these photos and I simply can't get enough of these images. Head over to the gallery to view the rest of the images and below are the previews!

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Gallery Updates: Exclusive "Van Helsing" Movie Promos/Stills + Rare Candid Images!

Posted on 18 Aug 2012 by Admin
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Hello everybody,

Finally, I have been able to get hold of some of the rare images from the film "Van Helsing" where Hugh portrayed the role of the vampire-monster slayers that which become such huge phenomenon way back during that year 2000s. Hugh played such a great role and did a brilliant job with the film and made it one of the famous epic adventure thriller, and yet I am so happy that finally we did have a few promos & stills from the film. Head over to the gallery to view the rest & enjoy the previews below!

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New Article: Hugh Jackman teaming with Lee Daniels for Orders to Kill!

Posted on 11 Aug 2012 by Admin
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US director Lee Daniels (Precious) has cast Hugh Jackman to investigate Martin Luther King's assassination in Orders to Kill. Daniels and Jackman are working closely on the project, according to the LA Times. Jackman will star as the lawyer William Pepper, who is convinced that James Earl
Ray, convicted of MLK's murder in 1968, was in fact innocent.

After Paperboy, presented during the latest Cannes film festival, Lee Daniels will once again play the controversy card with this feature film based upon William Pepper's book, which is backed by Dexter King, MLK's son. The film will follow the lawyer's quest for evidence to back up his theory that King was murdered by the US government for opposing the war in Vietnam.

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Source: Hindustan Times


Project Updates: Filming for "The Wolverine" On Set Images!

Posted on 04 Aug 2012 by Admin
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Hello everybody,

Looks like the filming of the most anticipated Hugh's project of the year, which from the X-Men franchise "The Wolverine" still going strong. Here Hugh finally spotted the very scruffy look once he did during the portrayal of his character in "Les Miserable" but now Hugh looked even more fierce and the shooting is still doing at its best. I have added more than 45+ images from the filming of the movie and Hugh looking stunning as Wolverine, even though he really did not spotted any of Logan's hairdo. Head over to the gallery & below are the previews, enjoy!

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Project Updates: "The Wolverine" Behind The Scene Images + 2008 Rare Appearance!

Posted on 03 Aug 2012 by Admin
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Hello everybody,

I was surfing around the web and found these gorgeous behind the scene sets of images from the filming of Hugh's latest X-Men franchise, "The Wolverine" & he was training for some soldier-like scenes for the movie. Hugh also looking quite happy being accompanied by his fellow crews which he's comfortable to be with. Also I have added images from rare 2008 event where Hugh attend the Opening of Television & Radio School. I have added all the photos into the gallery so head over there to view the rest & below are the exclusive previews!

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Gallery Updates: New Italian Magazine Scans + Outtakes!

Posted on 28 Jul 2012 by Admin
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Hello everybody,

Finally I found these brand new magazine scans that Hugh did for an Italian magazine for July 2012 edition "IO Donna" where Hugh was mostly shots in black & white. Hugh was extremely charming that I have added all the scans in our gallery and plus besides that I also found 3 rare outtakes from these magazine too which were done by Mark Abraham. So head over to the gallery to view the rest of the shots and below are the exclusive preview..enjoy!

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New Appearance: Deja vu as Gillard meets Jackman on Wolverine set!

Posted on 27 Jul 2012 by Admin
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When Julia Gillard dropped by to visit actor Hugh Jackman on the Sydney set of his new film today, it was a chance for some politicking, a moment of mutual admiration and for comic fans at least some serious deja vu.

The Prime Minister met Jackman yesterday for a tour of the Wolverine set, which is being shot at Sydney's Fox Studios. The federal government contributed $12.8 million to secure the shoot in Australia and create more than 2000 jobs.

It was all a fairly predictable photo op until Jackman who said he's happy to be back in Australia with his family for the film hinted Gillard would be working as his stunt double.

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Source: Brisbane Times


Gallery Updates: WWE Raw 1000th Episode Review Screencaptures!

Posted on 22 Jul 2012 by Admin
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During the long run where "WWE Raw" featured celebrity guest hosts, one of the most entertaining was "X-Men" star Hugh Jackman. Jackman got the crowd pumped up, seemed to enjoy being there and even knocked out Dolph Ziggler with a punch to the jaw. Hugh had a good share of wrestling ability that people can rarely finally showcase on that episode. Dolph also explained that it caused rather quite an injury

Jackman can return to settle his feud with Ziggler and maybe even wrestle a short match. I have added few screen captures from the 1000th episode RAW preview so head over to view the rest!

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Gallery Updates: "X-Men Origin: Wolverine" DVD Extra: The Making Of Featurette Screencaptures!

Posted on 19 Jul 2012 by Admin
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Hello everybody,

Just as I expected, finally I had gotten my hands on the very rare DVD extras from "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" which featured the behind the scenes footage plus interview with Hugh Jackman and the crews. Hugh was special person in this footage you will get to hear nice comments from fellow actors about time working with Hugh, his charisma and compassion. I have added almost 500+ screen captures from the DVD extras and you can head over to the gallery to view the rest & below are the previews!Enjoy..!

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