Gallery Updates: Hugh Was Featured On The Cover Of The Red Buletin February 2014 Issue!

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Thanks to our dear partner in Facebook I have found a great set of scans of the Red Buletin powered by Red Bull where this article focused on Hugh as the "Jackman Of All Trades". The articles in the magazine discussed Hugh transition from action star to performer and into powerhouse actor of 2000s that can't be replaced by others. Below are some of the extracts from his interviews in the magazine and you can scroll down to view all the scans available in the gallery!

"He has beaten supervillains and his fear of the dark. But what Hugh Jackman really wants is to be the fastest farmer on Earth.

He's an action star who can act. And sing. And dance. Aged 45, he has the body of a decathlete and is married father of two. Just about everything Hugh Jackman does, he does right. Not least being funny, interesting and insightful.

The Red Bulletin: You look like a top-class athlete in your films. Have you had a little bit of a digital touch-up or is that really all down to training?
Hugh Jackman: I wish it was digital effects, but in fact itís the result of a crazy training schedule, which Iíve now kept to for a pretty long time. Wolverine has been part of my life for 13 years now after all.

What constitutes a crazy training schedule?
Honestly, forget it. Donít try this at home. It takes up an enormous amount of your time and itís no fun. I only do it myself because itís my job.

But youíre not always shooting. You get a break every now and again.
Will Smith said thatís itís so much easier to stay in shape than to get in shape. He was right, unfortunately.

Doesnít such extreme physical trai≠ning dull your mind?
On the contrary: it makes you tough. I couldnít have a music career if I didnít have that toughness. Iíll tell you who the toughest people on the planet are: dancers. They put up with pain you wouldnít believe. Iíd have liked to be a dancer when I was younger and I was good at it too, but my brothers used to laugh at me and call me names. Iím still annoyed now that I didnít have the balls to give dancing a go back then."

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