New Article: Hugh Jackman Says Les Mis was pressurized!

Posted on 17 Nov 2012 by Admin
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Hugh Jackman says the Les MisÚrables film set was a "cauldron of pressure and excitement".

The Australian actor plays ex-convict Jean Valjean in the big screen adaptation of the classic book by Victor Hugo. The musical movie culminates in the 1832 Paris uprising and the characters are battling hunger, ill health, broken hearts and past regrets. Hugh admits the gritty storyline made for a tense atmosphere while shooting, but he found the experience inspiring.

"The stakes were as high as they could possibly be every day," Hugh told Vogue. "And that sort of cauldron of expectation and pressure and excitement was exhilarating.

"[Valjean is] one of the great literary characters of all time; a real study of the human spirit under the worst adversity possible."

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Source: Belfast Telegraph


New Article: Hugh Jackman to Visit Seoul in Late November!

Posted on 16 Nov 2012 by Admin
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Australian actor Hugh Jackman will make his third visit to Korea later this November to promote his latest film "Les MisÚrables," based on the classic Victor Hugo novel.

Distributor UPI Korea announced on Thursday that Jackman and the film's producer, Cameron Mackintosh, will hold a press conference in Seoul on Nov. 26. The actor visited Korea in 2006 and 2009, when he was appointed a goodwill ambassador for Seoul and participated in various local charity events.

"Les MisÚrables" will be released in Korea in December.

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Source: Chosun English


New Appearances: Hugh & Deborra Lee Attanded the National Adoption Awareness Week!

Posted on 14 Nov 2012 by Admin
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November 12, Hugh Jackman and his wife Deb visited the charity event National Adoption Awareness Week, on the problem of child adoption. Let me remind you that Jackman two adopted children, and they faced many bureaucratic problems, when the adopter her first child, son Oscar. The severity of the Australian laws pushed Deborah Lee Furness to action: she began to fight for the simplification of procedures for adoption and has already achieved in this field, with some success. Under the cut video from the event.

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Gallery Updates: Exclusive Insider with "Rise of the Guardians" Character Screencaptures!

Posted on 12 Nov 2012 by Admin
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We also added to our Gallery some new character posters from 'Rise of the Guardians' including our lovely Bunnymund here and pictures of some billboards which were spotted this week in West Hollywood here. Plus here are images from this interview Gallery.

If you missed a great interview with Hugh Jackman "Santa Comes", read it here.

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New Appearance: Hugh Jackman Celebrates "The Acting Edge" and the Success It!

Posted on 10 Nov 2012 by Admin
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Paying homage to the man and the school that helped his own career flourish, Hugh Jackman was on hand to attend The Acting Edge VIP Launch event in Sydney, Australia on Sunday (November 4).

Held at the Actors Centre Australia Theatre, the 44-year-old Emmy Award winner was dressed in his casual best, as he worked the media line before the main spectacle. The program's creator, Dean Carey, has currently written four books, and Hugh credits them for some of his success in the film industry.

Jackman's statement on the program’s site is the best marketing tool it could have asked for: “What you will read is one of the most powerful books on the craft of acting and an invaluable and extraordinary library of knowledge. Bravo Dean… And from just one of your many students, THANK YOU!”

Enjoy the pictures of Hugh Jackman attending "The Acting Edge VIP Launch" at the Actors Centre Australia Theatre in Sydney, Australia (November 4).

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Source: Gossip Center


Project Updates: New "The Prisoners" Movie Poster Teaser Had Been Released!

Posted on 09 Nov 2012 by Admin
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The film "Prisoners" ("Prisoners") has not even started shooting, and a teaser poster has arrived. As the site says about the movies-horror, it was shown today at the Film Market American Film Market in Santa Monica. Premiere of the film is scheduled for 20 September 2013. Shooting will begin in January 2013 in the U.S..

The film will be shot in addition to Jackman Jake Gyllenhaal, Melissa Leo and Paul Dano. The script, written by Aaron Guzikovski ("Contraband"), describes the carpenter Keller (Jackman), a small town that has kidnapped his daughter and her best friend.

After the searches of the kidnappers carried out by the police, is inconclusive Keller decides to find them myself, and in the search for faces with a detective from the major cities, also involved with the case.


Gallery Updates: Exclusive "Movie Stars Bio" + "Mornings with MSN" Featuring Hugh Screencaptures Added!

Posted on 05 Nov 2012 by Admin
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Hello everybody,

Hugh had been very busy this year and aside from filming his next hit movie "The Wolverine", promoting "Les Miserables" and with three more films under his belt, Hugh was perfectly the "IT" guy for 2012 and that won't leave him in no tight schedule where I have manage to add gorgeous additions of screen captures from his interviews in "Mornings with MSN" and also the program of "Movie Stars Bio" brought over the web tube. Over 1500+ screen captures I had added at the moment so keep your eye opened for another huge updates on Hugh this weekend.. Enjoy the additions!

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Project Updates: "Wolverine" Hugh Jackman's claws out on Sydney rooftop!

Posted on 02 Nov 2012 by Admin
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WOLVERINE'S claws were out and he was ready to pounce during the filming of Hugh Jackman's latest blockbuster flick in western Sydney overnight.

The Daily Telegraph captured Jackman perched on top of a snow plough which raced through the wintry Japanese setting all while black ninjas attacked him from the village's rooftops.

Hugh and his shiny claws spent most of the night on the rickety snow plough's cabin while shooting at Sydney Olympic Park. Jackman hung off its side, jumped in the air and even dangled his legs over the edge during a break.

The fitness freak also bounced into some push ups on the vehicle and ate a snack without getting down.

But its dangerous work fighting off enemies who seemingly come from everywhere armed with samurai swords and hatchets. So extra measures were taken for the thrilling fight scene with Jackman having two safety cables attached to his side and linked up to cranes on the set.

This is the second week of filming at the Homebush carpark after previously shooting at Darling Harbour's Chinese Garden of Friendship.

The Wolverine is scheduled for release mid next year.

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Source: Daily Telegraph


New Article: 5 Things Learned from 'Wolverine' online chat with Hugh Jackman!

Posted on 30 Oct 2012 by Admin
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Film companies continue to push for new ways to reach out to audiences as they figure out when it's okay to start hyping a film. Summer 2013 movies are already starting to stake their claims and premiere imagery and set visit glimpses and posters. 20th Century Fox has a pretty big stake in "The Wolverine" working, and one of the first big moments for them came last week when Empire magazine revealed some of what James Mangold told them for their upcoming story. We wrote about that piece, which included a new image of Wolverine with his bone claws extended, last week, and it seemed like one more promising detail in what is shaping up as a very promising entry in the long-running "X-Men" franchise.

Today, James Mangold and Hugh Jackman spoke directly to fans around the world who tuned in for a live online chat that YouTube streamed from Sydney. It sounds like more and more journalists are arriving in Sydney today for further press events in the days ahead, and according to Mangold and Jackman, they're only a few weeks away from wrapping the film. I'm guessing there's got to be a trailer soon at this rate. They've described the film, and now it's time to let people know what it's going to look like in motion, what that world is that they're talking about. When Mangold references both "The Bicentennial Man" and "The Outlaw Josey Wales" as thematic touchstones, it's probably safe to assume this isn't just going to be another standard-issue superhero movie.

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Source: HitFix


New Article: "THE WOLVERINE" To Be Set After ALL X-MEN Films!

Posted on 27 Oct 2012 by Admin
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Hello everybody,

Previously believed to be a prequel to the X-Men trilogy, the director of The Wolverine, James Mangold himself has confirmed that the newest X-Men spin-off film actually takes place AFTER all of the previous films! Details after the jump...

Within the pages of the latest Empire Magazine, director James Mangold has confirmed that his upcoming film -- The Wolverine -- takes place after all of the previous X-Men films, including The Last Stand. As we saw in the final film, Logan was forced to murder Jean Grey because she could not control the Phoenix's power, Professor Xavier and Scott Summers were believed to be deceased, and the team had disbanded. With rumors of some of the original cast returning for X-Men: Days of Future Past, it remains to be seen whether or not this film will tie-in to that storyline. Below are comments from James Mangold himself on the timeline placement.

"Where this film sits in the universe of the films is after them all. Jean Grey is gone, most of the X-Men are disbanded or gone, so there’s a tremendous sense of isolation for him."

"That’s something that for me was very important, that I land in a very specific place in his timeline.I wanted to be able to tell the story without the burden of handing it off to a film that already exists and having to conform to it. The ideas of immortality reign very heavily in this story and the burden of immortality weighs heavily on Logan. For me that’s such an interesting part of Logan’s character that is nearly impossible to explore if you have a kind of league or team movie."

Source: Comic Book Movie


New Appearance: Hugh Jackman attended the 20th Annual Red Ball + Best Life Scans!

Posted on 25 Oct 2012 by Admin
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To celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the Red Ball we are thrilled the Fight Cancer Foundation Patrons Deborra-lee Furness and Hugh Jackman will be in attendance. The Palladium Ballroom at Crown will be transformed into a glittering venue where guests will enjoy a truly remarkable evening that will include a special performance by Hugh with an 18 piece orchestra showcasing numbers from his “Back on Broadway” show. Guest will also enjoy a superb 3 course dinner complemented by fine wines and later in the evening be able to dance the night away to a special surprise celebrity band.

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Also I have added few scans from the "Best Life" magazine which featured Hugh Jackman on the cover and the magazine revealed Hugh's life to life transformation!

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New Article: Hugh Jackman Covers 'Best Life' Magazine - Exclusive Inside Pic!

Posted on 21 Oct 2012 by Admin
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Hugh Jackman is seriously seductive in this inside photo from Best Life magazine’s Fall/Winter 2012 issue, given exclusively to!

The 43-year-old actor also takes the cover of the magazine, which returns to newsstands on October 23.

“I passed out because I’d ripped out all the muscles attached to the lower part of my spine,” Hugh exclusively told about an injury he sustained on the cricket field when he was 13. “I spent about 10 days lying in bed. I had a bad back for a couple of years. I had to do a lot of physiotherapy for it. Physically, that catch changed a lot for me. I feel like I had a head start. It made me more athletic in the long run. And it made me understand very early on that you need a strong core to support your back.”

Be sure to pick up your copy of the mag to find out about some life-changing moments that helped Hugh become a better husband, father, and actor.

Source: Just Jared


Project Updates: Huge Coverage on "Les Miserables" Media Updates!

Posted on 19 Oct 2012 by Admin
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Hello everybody,

Here's a few dishes on "Les Miserables", they had released few more official stills from the movie including 3 official promotional posters featuring Hugh in the lead. Hugh was truly sensational in the cover and I really can't wait to get my hands on these promos so here we got few of them and head over to the gallery to view the rest of the images in the gallery and enjoy these previews below!

Also I have added few scans from Hollywood Design Report that talking about the movie "Les Miserables" so head over to the gallery to view them also and take care!

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Gallery Updates: Hugh Jackman Cameo in "Uncle Johnny" Screencaptures Added!

Posted on 13 Oct 2012 by Admin
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Hello everybody,

I was just browsing around when I come across a clip where Hugh had made a cameo for this short film titled "Uncle Johnny" which was about a boy whom get so obsessed with the number "8" and Hugh did a cameo as Uncle Johnny in this short film portraying a hunk swimming in the swimming pool topless & he did winked at the kid. I had added over 300+ screen captures from these short film scene of Hugh so head over to the gallery to view the rest of them and below are the previews..enjoy!

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New Article: Happy Birthday, Hugh Jackman! X-Men Star Turns 44!

Posted on 13 Oct 2012 by Admin
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We would sing "Happy Birthday" to Hugh Jackman, but he could probably belt it out better than us.

The X-Men star is celebrating his 44th birthday, and we're not sure whether he's going to do a little Broadway song and dance, kick some booty or pose shirtless (this idea is strongly supported).

Jackman has been keeping busy with multiple projects on his plate, like starring in Les MisÚrables and his upcoming flick Movie 43, a raunchy comedy alongside numerous celebs likeEmma Stone, Kate Winslet, Halle Berry, Anna Faris, Chris Pratt, Elizabeth Banks, Naomi Watts, Terrence Howard, Richard Gere and Gerard Butler. Hey, we said it was a lot.

But the one that we're most anticipating is, of course, The Wolverine. And the latest photo from the movie featuring his vein-popping, sculpted bod only made us that much more excited.

Cheers to that!

Source: Entetainment News


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