New Appearance: 2012 BAFTA Awards Presentation!

Posted on 13 Feb 2012 by Admin
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Adding a little hunkiness to the overseas happenings, Russell Crowe and Hugh Jackman were both on-hand at the 2012 Orange British Academy Film Awards in London, England on Sunday (February 12).

Taking place at The Royal Opera House, the "Real Steel" stud and the "Robin Hood" actor chummed it up with guests at the annual UK BAFTA ceremony.

Not merely spectators, Hugh and Russell happened to be among the stars taking the stage to pass out an award with other guest presenters having included Penelope Cruz, Daniel Radcliffe, Noomi Rapace, Jon Hamm, Henry Cavill and Colin Firth.

Having the honor of announcing the top prize, Jackman and Crowe proudly proclaimed "The Artist" as the Best Film of the 2012 BAFTAs - making for the French picture's seventh trophy of the night.

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Gallery Updates: Various Talkshows/Interviews Screencaptures!

Posted on 13 Feb 2012 by Admin
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Hello everybody,

Finally, I have found great interviews clips from various exclusive talkshows & behind the scenes which I find it quite rare and it was definitely interesting to watch for all Hugh's fans. With that I have added almost 700+ screen captures from these clips in HQ and you can view all the rest of the screen captures in the gallery & below are the previews!

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Project News: Hugh Jackman gets new song for 'Les Miserables' movie!

Posted on 11 Feb 2012 by Admin
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The film version of the musical "Les Misérables" will have a new song sung by Hugh Jackman, the actor has announced.

Jackman, who is set to play the lead role of Jean Valjean, said on his Twitter account that composer Claude-Michel Schönberg had penned the new number.

Little else is known about the song at this point. Jackman tweeted that he is in rehearsals for the movie. Filming is expected to begin soon, with a release date expected in December.

The movie, directed by Tom Hooper, also will star Russell Crowe as Inspector Javert, Anne Hathaway as Fantine, Amanda Seyfried as Cosette and Samantha Barks as Eponine. The cast is also expected to include Helena Bonham Carter and Sacha Baron Cohen as the Thénardiers.

New songs aren't uncommon when stage musicals move to the big screen. Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice wrote a new song for the 1996 film version of "Evita," and won an Oscar for it.

Lloyd Webber also wrote a new song for the 2004 film "The Phantom of the Opera," working with lyricist Charles Hart. Songwriter Maury Yeston wrote an original number for the 2009 movie version of his musical "Nine."

Schönberg penned the original score for "Les Misérables." The musical, based on the Victor Hugo novel, debuted on Broadway in 1987 and ran through 2003. A new touring production recently played at the Ahmanson Theatre.

Source: LA Times


New Article: Hugh Jackman's sweet business deal!

Posted on 11 Feb 2012 by Admin
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(CNN) -- In October 2011, actor Hugh Jackman launched a new company called Laughing Man.

Initially, the business offered a variety of coffees and teas, sold online and in a small cafe in the Tribeca part of New York City. This week, Jackman's expanding his line of offerings into the world of chocolate, just in time for Valentine's Day.

While it's certainly commonplace for entertainment professionals to dive into other business opportunities, Jackman's new business may seem a bit curious if viewed through the lens of his offering items tied to the little pleasures and relaxations of life. Jackman seems to always be shooting a film or booking theater work. The guy can't slow down.

CNN recently spoke with the actor from London about the evolution of his new business, the inspiration behind it and who in his family is helping out. He's currently rehearsing for the upcoming film adaptation of "Les Misérables" and later this year will begin shooting "The Wolverine," reprising his role as Logan/Wolverine in the latest comic adaptation.

CNN: Some people claim that chocolate is an aphrodisiac. Some people don't. Does your chocolate guarantee good loving?

Jackman: That's a good question. I would definitely say -- because I eat a little bit of dark chocolate every day -- I'd definitely say that it makes you feel good. I don't know if it makes me feel like "getting it on." I suppose I could see the connection. It definitely makes you feel good.

CNN: You launched Laughing Man last fall. In the general sense, what's the business plan?

Jackman: Laughing Man worldwide is going to incubate different companies. One of them is coffee and tea, one of them is chocolate. Who knows where we'll go from there. Each of these companies that we create, 100% of the profits go to charities. It's first and foremost about creating good products that people really want. Not that they feel like they should want it, but because they genuinely want it. And then being able to create jobs and support entrepreneuralism.

I was mainly inspired by Paul Newman on the business level and what he did. I read his book about 10 years ago, "Shameless Exploitation in the Pursuit of the Common Good." It's a great book and that's probably where the idea incubated.

CNN: The Newman line, and sorry for the pun, started very organically.

Jackman: That's what inspired me, and I was waiting for the right opportunity. I was in Ethiopia as a part of World Vision and I met and worked with a coffee farmer, Dukale; at the time I was living with them, and it was pretty amazing. It had a great effect on me. So the urgency for me to do something was growing, but I didn't know what.

Now, we actually buy coffee from Dukale where I stayed. Our Espresso blend is actually called Dukale's Dream.

CNN: And everything is sourced with fair trade guidelines and all that?

Jackman: Absolutely. Organic, fairly traded, the chocolates are kosher, you name it. We wanted to be win-win all around. The environment, the growers and the purchasers.

CNN: There's a lot of political aspects surrounding food, not only in the U.S. but on a global level. But there's a market out there for people that care about that stuff.

Jackman: Oh, yeah, hugely. And what's important for us to know who we are buying from. There's some organizations that you're buying from that are like a co-op and you can't really guarantee who you are buying from. We really want to encourage people that you can get a really fair price for quality products, wherever it's grown. That's what we're doing.

Business done well is a win-win all around. It doesn't have to tax the environment or quality or the workers or people. There is a way, under the natural law, for this to work for everybody.

CNN: As an actor, you're constantly busy with work. How much are you involved in the day-to-day or month-to-month of this?

Jackman: Every weekend, I go down [to the store in New York City] with my son and do some work. He's 11. I figure it's good for him to start doing some work. Most of the business is done online. I'm involved as much as I can without it being my full-time job.

For a long time, I've been looking to focus my profile on and this somehow ... I've always been interested in economics and business -- my wife always jokes that I should be taking a briefcase to work -- it's something I genuinely enjoy and it doesn't feel like a burden.

CNN: You're rehearsing "Les Misérables" right now. What's the adaptation going to be like?

Jackman: It's a musical adaptation. Obviously, it's a 1,500 page book, but don't worry, it's not going to be 15 hours long. It's an epic, and we'll be musically close to the musical. Today, I was working on a brand new song that Claude-Michel [Schönberg] wrote with Alain Boublil, which was a great thrill for me.

CNN: What's the sound like? Is it modern in any way?

Jackman: Oh, no, the music is largely as it is from the musical. So there's no rap version or blues version. It's going to be what people expect in that way.

CNN: 20th Century Fox just announced a release date for "The Wolverine." What's the game plan?

Jackman: Shooting later this year. "Les Mis" finishes around the beginning of June so we'll take a month down and we'll get started. It's a Japanese saga, I'm very excited about it. It's looking good.

Source: CNN Edition


New Article: Hugh Jackman joins marriageequality call!

Posted on 06 Feb 2012 by Admin
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Hello everybody,

Actor Hugh Jackman, ABC1 movie critic David Stratton and Oscar winning costume designer Lizzie Gardiner have each today pledged their support for equal marriage rights.

Australian Marriage Equality megacampaigner Alex Greenwich confirms the three respected Australians have signed on to a marriage equality declaration which states:

“Marriage should be about love and respect, not discrimination. Australia is at its best when we value equality over prejudice and fear. That’s why we support marriage equality for same-sex couples. Marriage equality will help remove discrimination against same-sex couples and their children. It will also benefit marriage by allowing it to embrace more loving committed couples who uphold its values. It’s time for Australia to join the other nations that have benefitted from this important reform.”

“Hugh, David, and Lizzie are all happily married straight supporters of equality,” Greenwich tells Same Same. “They know how important marriage is to a couple and their families, and like most Australians they don’t feel same-sex couples should be denied the meaning and benefits of marriage”.

They join an ever-growing list of prominent supporters of reform that also includes two former NSW Premiers – Nick Greiner and Kristina Keneally – as well as Derryn Hinch and Wallaby’s Captain David Pocock.

Greenwich said the support of several well-known Aussies highlights how mainstream this issue has become.

“The message for Tony Abbott and the Coalition is that marriage equality is not a left-wing or Greens’ issue, but one that’s embraced by mainstream Australia.”


The support of other well known Australian celebrities and artists will be announced at next Wednesday’s Equality Dinner by Stephan Elliot, the director and Screenwriter of Priscilla Queen of the Desert.

The dinner is set to raise funds for the marriage equality campaign. To be held at top-rated restaurant Quay in Sydney on January 25, diners will hear keynote speeches from Professor Kerryn Phelps and Jackie Stricker-Phelps, Mia Freedman and Rodney Croome.

Source: SameSame


Gallery Updates: "Real Steel" DVD Featurrettes!

Posted on 06 Feb 2012 by Admin
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Hello everybody,

Finally I have been able to find the exclusive DVD featurettes on "Charlie Kenton History" and I think the way they represented the whole documentary in a great manipulation was superb it looked like watching a true History Channel presents documentary. Hugh was absolutely stunning and handsome in this featurettes so I can't help but go capping-crazy over the clip which in the end I finished capping around 800+ screen captures from the featurettes. So head over to the gallery to view the rest & below are the previews..enjoy!

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Candid Update: Hugh Arriving in LA Airport!

Posted on 05 Feb 2012 by Admin
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Hello everybody,

Hugh Jackman was quite the cool guy walking through LAX yesterday in his leather jacket. The actor was escorted through the terminal by a greeter, but was able to stop and sign some autographs for fans. As we mentioned earlier, Hugh will be starring in the upcoming movie Les Miserables as Jean Valjean. We're sure the heat wave in LA is a welcome change to the snow in NYC where Jackman lives! I have added few photos from this candid and below are the exclusive preview!Enjoy!

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Gallery Updates: Various Talkshows/Interviews Screencaptures!

Posted on 01 Feb 2012 by Admin
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Hello everybody,

Finally a huge media updates for all Hugh fans and right now I had done with updating our gallery with various screen captures from interviews/talkshows that Hugh had done throughout his career. Hugh was extremely charming and I definitely enjoying every minutes of the interview. With all over 2000+ more screen captures I had finally reached 60 000+ images in the gallery but still we did not have the screen captures from Hugh's films yet so head over to view the rest at the gallery & below are the previews..enjoy!

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Gallery Updates: Hugh Jackman in a Valentine Interview Screencaptures!

Posted on 28 Jan 2012 by Admin
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Hello everybody,

I was surfing around the web and found these absolutely entertaining interview that Hugh had done for a Valentine's Day special and I was happily enjoying this amazing interview. Hugh was charming and truly exceptional during this great interview and I'm sure this was during his rocketing popularity while starring in X-Men franchises as he was still active in theater during that time..So I had added about 500+ screen captures from this interview and head over to the photo gallery to view the rest of the images and below are the previews!

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Gallery Updates: Talkshow Screencaptures + Candids!

Posted on 24 Jan 2012 by Admin
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Hello everybody,

I have found these gorgeous candids from Hugh way back from early January on this year. There are 4 new candids which I manage to find from different forums on the web. Hugh still charming in any attire and incredibly sexy..a true man with a great sense of fashion. I have added 80+ candid images from these 4 different occasions that Hugh was in. Also I have added screen captures from rare show that Hugh had participated in such as Jonathan Ross where Hugh appeared on the show with Halle Berry in 2006!Enjoy everybody!

Home > Candids > Scooting with children January 19, 2012
Home > Candids > Socializing with police January 18, 2012
Home > Candids > Playing with snow January 21, 2012
Home > Candids > Playing at the beach January 17, 2012
Home > Talkshows and Interviews > Live with Jonathan Ross with Halle Berry 2006


Gallery Updates: Photo Session + Talkshows Screencaptures!

Posted on 23 Jan 2012 by Admin
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Hello everybody,

As promised earlier, I have finally added rare images from the set of People's Sexiest Men photo session which just released all over the internet lately and also I have added screen captures from the behind the scene photo sessions too. Also I have added screen captures from Hugh interviews with the french local television during the promotion of Wolverine. Over 700+ images have been added successfully so head over to the gallery to view the rest! And you can see the exclusive preview below and enjoy!

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New Appearance: Richard The III Opening Night + "Project" Magazine Screencaptures!

Posted on 21 Jan 2012 by Admin
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Hello everybody,

Just a quick update for today I had just manage to add new appearance images of Hugh while attending the opening night of Richard The III and besides I have also make screen captures from the exclusive behind the scenes outtakes which I had added to the gallery just now so enjoy the new additions & keep checking back for more!

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New Article: Hugh Jackman's Return Raises $1,789,580 For BC/EFA

Posted on 18 Jan 2012 by Admin
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Bringing his wit, charm and a little bit of playful cajoling, Hugh Jackman's return to Broadway not only broke box office records, but also helped fill a widening gap of financial support for hundreds of AIDS and family service organizations across the country.

Opening on November 10, 2011, Hugh Jackman, Back on Broadway played for 10 weeks to sold-out audiences through January 1, 2012. And for 51 of those performances beginning November 15, Jackman graciously concluded each show with what he slyly called "a bit of shameless exploitation in pursuit of the common good."

Unbuttoning his shirt to expose his white undershirt, the Tony Award winner and movie star offered up his sweaty tank top each night to the highest bidder. Jackman would sign, date and hand-deliver the shirt to whomever offered what he encourage would be "a very generous, tax-deductible donation to Broadway Cares." And hundreds of extraordinary donations were indeed made in response.

Depending on the night and the spiritedness of the audience, each T-shirt sold for anywhere between $5,000 to $25,000, which would then double as Jackman smoothly offered up a second T-shirt – one he wore during the show's first act – if the two high bidders would match each other.

If there was a particularly eager and well-healed third high bidder, Jackman would offer to autograph the sparkling gold belt he wore as Peter Allen to start the second act. These never went for less than $5,000.

Jackman also held post-show meet-and-greets with a photo backstage for fans willing to donate $2,500 each. For those looking to donate in other ways, scores of signed posters went for a $200 donation and thousands contributed to "bucket collections" at each exit as the audiences left.

In the end, Jackman, his cast and entire company at the Broadhurst Theatre raised an astounding $1,789,580 during the fundraising, which continued into the show's final week of performances.

The total surpassed the previous single-show fundraising record of $1,568,833 set during Jackman's run with Daniel Craig of A Steady Rain in 2009. Jackman's first Broadway show, The Boy from Oz, raised $1,186,554 in 2003 and 2004.

"Hugh Jackman is amazing in his generosity of spirit, energy and talent," said BC/EFA Executive Director Tom Viola. "Because of these efforts, we will be able to make a significant difference for so many desperately needed service organizations that continue to struggle with decreases in government, foundation and individual support. I know for a fact that more doors will stay open, lights will stay on and lives will be saved thanks to the kindness of Hugh and his audiences."

In appreciation of these phenomenal efforts, Broadway Cares announced a special $150,000 grant to Nomad Two Worlds , an organization founded by Australian photographer Russell James and championed by Jackman. Nomad Two Worlds supports the indigenous Aboriginal and marginalized communities in Australia by supplying direct grants to emerging artists and addressing a variety of health issues they face. Jackman featured several of these artists in his Broadway show.

"It is our responsibility here at BC/EFA to share the incredible resources we’ve been blessed with in ways unexpected, particularly with organizations that mean so much to those who stand with us in these annual efforts," Viola said. "So, in honor of Hugh and his entire company at the Broadhurst Theatre, we hope this gift will allow Nomad Two Worlds to sustain and reach a bit further in its efforts."

Each night, as the crowd lept to its feet in adoration at the close of his show, Jackman would ask his audiences' indulgence for just a few more minutes. After explaining the work of Broadway Cares, he'd turn "the work," as he'd say, over to his audience.

"There are about 1,200 people here tonight, so if everyone just gave $1,000 we could raise $1.2 million," he joked, before starting the auction, selling autographed posters and volunteering to pose for photos with those who made significant contributions.

His audiences clearly responded. Even TV celebrities like Judge Judy Sheindlin, The View's Sherri Shepherd and Today co-host Kathie Lee Gifford couldn't resist Jackman's charms and joined in the bidding. His most successful night of fundraising came on December 9 when he raised $68,746 at one performance, selling two T-shirts for $25,000 each for starters.

Jackman's extraordinary generosity and amazing energy inspired the entire company of Hugh Jackman, Back on Broadway to join him nightly in these astounding fundraising efforts. Everyone – cast and crew, musicians and front-of-house personnel, wardrobe staff and security, company management, stage managers and production assistants – were part of what became Jackman's nightly fundraising team.

Thanks to Broadhurst house manager Hugh Barnett, company manager Heidi Neven and stage managers Kim Vernace and Charlie Underhill for welcoming a team of six BC/EFA staffers and volunteers who joined them front-of-house and backstage to augment their own incredible support. A special acknowledgment to Geoffrey Polischuck, Jackman’s dresser ("the best on Broadway," Jackman said more than once from the stage) who made sure the T-shirts were signed and much more. And a 21-gun salute to Irving Milgrom, Jackman's executive assistant, who handled a legion of generous and excited admirers and fans, making sure that well-intended donations never turned to mayhem onstage after the show.

Special thanks to Robert Fox and The Shubert Organization, the producers of Hugh Jackman, Back on Broadway for their continued support and for making this unique fundraising opportunity possible.

Every night, 20 minutes of extraordinary kindness shown by Hugh Jackman, his company and his audiences translated into a lifetime of better health, expanded services and far-reaching support for hundreds of thousands of people – gifts that will last even longer than the memories of an immensely engaging evening at the theatre.

Thanks Hugh!

Source: Broadway Cares


Gallery Updates: Various Talkshows/Interviews Coverage!

Posted on 15 Jan 2012 by Admin
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Hello everybody,

Finally I was being able to start catching up for the site with most of the unseen talkshows from which Hugh guested on the show. There however a few talkshow events which not available for the international so we will post them whenever it become available. For now I have been able to add almost 1500+ HQ gorgeous screen captures from these newly found talkshows online from Russian network and also another from Hugh acceptance speech on People's Choice Award during his winning for "Best Action Hero"!So all are uploaded in the gallery so head over there to view the rest & below are the previews!Enjoy!

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Home > Talkshows and Interviews > Hugh live on Russian Talkshow
Home > Talkshows and Interviews > The Chew with Hugh Jackman
Home > Public Appearances > Appearances 2012 > Seminar with Alan Rickman


Gallery Updates: Candids Catching Up!

Posted on 13 Jan 2012 by Admin
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Hello everybody,

Sorry for being so behind on all of these, I was so caught up this whole week and yes, I had trouble with my internet the first few days of the week. So I hoped that I can still manage to catch up with all other Hugh's activities because there are many of his interviews clip are not available at my country so I might need a donation on that really soon.

Back at the updates I have added photos from 6 different candids that I have found last night to the gallery & I believe it truly worth it as Hugh was totally charming & fatherlike with his beloved family!Enjoy the views!

Home > Candids > Hugh with Ava in the playground
Home > Candids > Hugh with Ava on January 10,2012
Home > Candids > Hugh training in 22 Nov 2011
Home > Candids > Playing with family in the cold
Home > Candids > Carrying Ipad from the store
Home > Candids > With family on January 4, 2012
Home > Candids > Hugh and family on January 1, 2012


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