Hugh does not appear to be an intensely emotional or sentimental person, and he is often unaware of his own or other people's deeper feelings and emotional needs. Tears and tantrums bewilder him and make him very uncomfortable. Hugh Jackman would rather settle differences by talking things out reasonably and rationally, but he tends to ignore or poke fun at any attempt to probe his own or others' inner depths.Hugh Jackman avoids heavy, demanding emotional relationships and is wary of making personal commitments.

He needs ample mental stimulation and feels close to people with whom he can share thoughts and intellectual interests. Conversation is very important to Jackman. The strong, silent partner is not for him.He is emotionally expressive and often dramatizes his feelings, acting them out or blowing them out of proportion. Hugh Jackman cannot hide his instinctive emotional reactions to people or situations, and he does not make any pretenses about his personal sympathies or antipathies.Hugh Jackman has a childlike openness and playfulness which is very appealing to others, but which sometimes gets him into trouble, as Hugh takes risks on impulse or whim.

There is a side to Hugh Jackman which loves comfort and the easy life, and unless other factors in his chart indicate strong drive and ambition, Jackman can be lazy and overly permissive with himself. He enjoys being taken care of and pampered, and self-indulgence is always a temptation for Jackman. If Hugh's parents made the unfortunate mistake of indulging him too much as a child, this may be a very hard habit to break. Hugh Jackman can be so soft and affectionate that it is hard to say no to him. Eating too many sweets is a vice Hugh is particularly prone to.

Hugh Jackman has a buoyant, cheerful disposition and he reaches out to others in a warm, open and friendly way. His emotional generosity and lack of pettiness is well known among his circle of friends, and people often seek Hugh out for help, sympathy or advice. Hugh Jackman is always willing to overlook others' faults, and he sometimes overdoes his charitableness. There is another side to Hugh Jackman as well, a rather introverted, self-contained, even pessimistic side which tempers his good cheer and generosity, as discussed below.

He is dedicated to the people he cares about and conscientious about meeting his responsibilities, especially to family. Family solidarity and cohesiveness are very important to Hugh Jackman and so, therefore, are the traditions, rituals, and memories that keep the bonds strong. Hugh Jackman is apt to do more than his fair share in the family, to go the extra mile, but for the most part this is satisfying rather than burdensome to him.

Hugh has intense desires and feelings and his personal relationships are deeply emotional, passionate and often stormy and painful as well. Hugh Jackman has powerful magnetic relationships with those he cares about, and he could become emotionally obsessed by another person. His feelings can become so urgent and compelling that he behaves irrationally. Hugh Jackman undergoes periodic emotional upheavals and purging when he must break all ties with the past and begin anew.

In love relationships, Hugh Jackman desires a deep, intense and passionate union with his beloved and forms very strong emotional bonds and attachments. Hugh "marries" the person he loves at a very deep emotional level, and is often extremely possessive and jealous of anyone who may pose a threat to that union. Jackman can be very demanding of his love partner. Hugh Jackman tends to be somewhat suspicious of his partner's relationships, even if they are merely platonic. If he is ever betrayed, Hugh Jackman is capable of hating with as much force and intensity as he once loved. He is attracted to people who have an aura of mystery about them.

Promoting beauty, the arts, or entertainment can make Hugh Jackman very happy. Hugh wants to contribute something positive and loving to the world at large and he wants to be recognized for his beauty, artistic gifts, or loving generosity. Hugh Jackman may "marry" his work - that is, being more involved in his career than in his private life. Jackman is a natural host or diplomat.

He is very romantic, idealistic and imaginative about love relationships. Hugh Jackman yearns for his "true love" or "soul mate" and may become disappointed in those who never quite live up to his dream image of the perfect lover. Jackman frequently fantasizes about love and often falls in love with someone he can only love from afar. He may avoid making a definite personal commitment. Gentle and sensitive, Hugh Jackman does not like to be approached in a very direct or aggressive manner. He is attracted to those with artistic or mystical inclinations.